Top Ethereum (Ether) Gambling Sites 2017

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The new currency everyone’s talking about

Ethereum is a crypto currency launched in June of 2015 which allows users to send and receive payments through the internet without central authorities, taxes or regulations, much like Bitcoin. What makes Ethereum different from any other crypto currency is that it’s economy is based on a decentralized and programmable platform that uses smart contracts. These contracts are used to create effective economic organization systems for any kind of projects from apps, to gambling sites, or even enterprise solutions and banks, with all the transactions being made in it’s unit called ‘ether’ or ETH.

The way the smart contracts of Ethereum work, can have an infinity of uses, and it is expected that it may totally revolutionize the concept of crypto currencies and how they are used, even for gambling. So far, Ethereum has seen a value rise of almost 300% in the first two weeks of February alone from it’s value in Bitcoin.

What is Ethereum?

Gambling with Ethereum

The nature of Ether makes it a bit hard for scams, since the smart contracts must be verified by users, anyone can make sure that your money won’t be taken away without your pemission, since the apps created with it become decentralized. This feature make gambling with ether more secure. Already feeling lucky? Try one of the following Ethereum casinos and gambling sites.

List of gambling sites accepting Ether (ETH) coin

TOP Ether casinos 

  • Crypto-games: provably-fair casino accepting Ethereum currency Ether (ETH)
  • Betcoin Casino: Live Ether roulette, blackjack, baccarat.

Ether sportsbook

  • DirectBet: anonymous sports betting with Ether currency. No acccount & no deposit!
  • Esports bet: decentralized betting service on top of Etherum (open source and verified contract)

Ether dice

  • Crypto-games: roll the dice with Ether, no registration required, 0.8% house edge!
  • Vdice: ether dice site built on ethereum contracts, no registration, 1.9% house edge
  • Etherdice: provably fair and escrowed ethereum gambling

Ether slots

  • Crypto-games: 5 reels and max win up to 100 eth
  • Betcoin slots: play slots machines with Ether. 3D, 3 reel, 5 reel, progressive jackpot slots.

Ether lottery

  • Ether lotto: buy lottery tickets with ether and hope that one of your ticket numbers will be picked!
  • Ether wheel: a simple Ethereum lottery with a user-friendly interface
  • EtherPot: provably fair lottery.

Ether blackjack

  • Ether Jack: provably-fair blackjack with ethereum currency ETH

Other ethereum games

  • CryptoRPS: Rock-Paper-Scissor game with a twist