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Best promos, diverse game portfolio
Multiple cryptocurrencies acceptance
Great player community
US players are accepted

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When FortuneJack first opened its digital doors in 2013, they became the first Bitcoin casino to offer other cryptocurrencies as transaction options. Alongside the promise of more altcoins being added on an ongoing basis, this online casino now offers seven major altcoin (Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash) transaction options, making them one of the most accessible casinos within the cryptocurrency betting niche.

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But their continued evolution reached new heights with a relaunch, an all-new FortuneJack experience offering gaming and promotion additions that serve to complement the large number of reasons they have such a loyal community of players. Here’s all the reasons this Provably Fair (detailed in the “Customer Service” section) online casino is more than worth your consideration.

  • Registering

As the leading Bitcoin casino, FortuneJack has an intimate understanding of the importance of online privacy and pseudonymity. That’s why, when you register, the company does not collect or store user data, and the only information that needs to be provided during registration is a username and password, email, and phone number, the latter is only required to claim no deposit bonus. All told, the whole process takes less than two minutes.

They also offer a no-deposit bonus for newly registered players, a good opportunity to try their extensive selection of games before depositing your own cryptocurrency.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

The 10-minute withdrawal and deposit times are some of the fastest in the industry, and with over 90% of all transactions being performed in under that time, you’ll have your money where you want it almost instantly. While slight delays may occur, the team at FortuneJack usually gets it pushed through and squared away within a couple of hours at the most. But rest assured that it’s rare when deposits and withdrawals, both of which are performed using state-of-the-art security and encryption, go through immediately, whether they’re your winnings or a deposit.

  • Game variety

FortuneJack is the leading Bitcoin casino for good reason. They’re the first community-specific Dice game, and they have the most gaming categories offered at a cryptocurrency casino. In fact, you can find over 2,000 games in their lobby from several different software providers, including iSOFTBET, NetEnt, XProGaming, TomHorn, Endorphina, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and upcoming PlaynGo, Scientific Games, WMS, Bally, NYX. From table and card games to Slots and Video Poker, there’s truly something for everyone, and they come in a wide range of styles. You can also find several Live Casino rooms for live-streamed, in-person action. And while you may find some of what they offer elsewhere, FortuneJack has several signature in-house games, from Dice with its famously low house edge to BlackJack, Fortune Wheel, Keno, Bingo, and Fortune Slot, all exclusive to their lobby. With seven different gaming categories (and the Sportsbook and Texas Hold’em Poker set to be released soon), the number of high-quality games ensures that no player will be able to find a more diverse selection from a different cryptocurrency casino.

Further, the FortuneJack team made this promise to themselves and to every player in their community: every month, they’ll be adding at least one new provider and game. This guarantees that there will always be something new to discover.

  • Sportsbook and Esports Betting

Very few crypto gambling websites boast the ability to provide players with sports betting service. This is where FortuneJack places above the rest, thanks to its incredible Sportsbook that offers virtually all the popular sports in the world, including all the major leagues of Football, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, MMA, F1 and infinitely more. What differentiates FJ from the classic sports betting sites are the highest odds and coefficients in the industry.

Latest addition into the echelon of FortuneJack’s services is the Esports betting platform. Here you will find all the major tournaments of incredible video games such as CSGO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, StarCraft and many more.

  • Miami Garage and Vip Programs

As far as the loyalty programs go FortuneJack has several versions for both high rollers and active players. Miami Garage is the fresh and permanent promotion that allows players to accumulate status points. There are 4 statuses, Scooter, Tesla, Lambo and Yacht. Each of those tiers grants you amazing bonuses that can reach up to 40% Weekly reload bonuses and 10% Cashbacks. These levels are easy to reach and hold infinite bonus possibilities for active players. The next step is the famous VIP levels of FJ that are both layered through different statuses and personal exclusive offers. Plus, you get a personal VIP manager that will regularly supply you with support and various amazing gifts in a form of freespins, freebets, cashbacks and reload bonuses.

  • Promotions

FortuneJack has not shied away from being public about their mission for offering the best promotions in the online casino world. You won’t find typical promotions in general, and we’ll get into that in a moment, but they also say that they will match the terms of any online casino in the Bitcoin/crypto industry with a better bonus. You’ll be hard-pressed to find it, but if you do, they’ll give you the same deal, or a better one. One of the things that FortuneJack is famous for is the best bonus systems in the whole industry and this is why:

  • You get 25 Free Spins as a bonus just for registration. Absolutely No deposit is required

  • 1st Deposit Bonus is 110%, Up to 1.5 BTC and 250 Free Spins on top. You get 25 Spins per day for the first 10 days

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th deposit bonus. 50%-50%-100% accordingly

  • Double Welcome Freebet on SportsBook. Which means 2x Freebet

  • If you deposit a minimum of 0.1 BTC Per month, you automatically get guaranteed 20% Monthly Cashback

  • There is a 50% weekly Reload Bonus up to 3.5 BTC for Active Players that participate regularly.

  • You can participate in the LeaderJack promotion, which rewards the top 50 players per week. You’ll have a chance to win up to 200 mBTC Freebets per month

  • A Reward Program: Miami Garage, which can additionally grant up to 50% Weekly reload bonuses and 10% Cashbacks

  • Various VIP benefits, including massive cashbacks, reloads and private VIP manager

  • Customer Service

FortuneJack has a 24/7 live chat support, with consistently minimal wait times and a positive online reputation for their knowledgeability and friendliness. But one of the more unique customer service aspects is the Provably Fair system. No more do bettors need to rely on third-party auditors to know the games they’re playing are truly fair and random, as they can see firsthand using the revolutionary, decentralized technology to check the fairness of every roll, spin, or deal.

With the Provably Fair system, you can get the encrypted server seed before you bet, ensuring that the casino cannot change it afterwards. You can set your own client seed to ensure the casino didn’t generate one that would make you lose, then you can check to make sure it all matches up once the server seed comes back unencrypted. Even if you don’t use the Provably Fair system, it’s good to know that FortuneJack’s transparency extends to every player, allowing them to personally check the integrity of every game offering.

  • Verdict

With over 2,000 games from a variety of software providers within most of the gaming categories in existence, you (at the very least) know that you’ll never be bored. Further, with FortuneJack’s Provably Fair system and their dedication to security, privacy, pseudonymity, and transparency, this is the gambling experience hand-tailored to the cryptocurrency player. The promotions are highly lucrative and excitingly eclectic, and the instantaneousness of the withdraw and deposit times offers a streamlined experience that can get you placing bets, or spending your money elsewhere, with an intuitive ease. (With under 10-minute withdrawals that emphasize privacy and security, “intuitive ease” might just be an understatement.) The verdict? FortuneJack stands out, and with their continued push to stay the leading Bitcoin casino, we can only predict that they’ll just keep getting better.

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One thought on “FortuneJack casino review

  1. THIS CASINO DESERVES A FIVE STAR RATING: I am disappointed to see the 4 and a half stars honestly. After spending a bit of time here my over all gambling experience when concerned to bitcoin has actually been significantly better compared to any other btc casino I have experienced. But in all honesty it isn’t my profit/loss I focus on to determine quality. If you think after wagering $100 or $500 or more and losing it is an indication of a casino’s house edge or possibility of unfair gaming mechanics you are both inexperienced and sorely mistaken. Every spin considering you aren’t the only player ever to play will always be a statistical nightmare that can go scary for you and the casino (probably more scary to you lol) as each spin will be closer to 50- 50 no matter what you put in. Sure your going to have variance but through an hour the house edge does it’s job to keep the casino alive and the probability fair in some games shows you the valid claim your chance was as good as mine. So if you did have a bit of a lose day before posting below five stars why not take a moment and speak with the reps. Check if they give you the feeling your a person or a wallet based on how they speak with you. At fortunejack (especially after having a somewhat regrettable experience the same night AT A DIFFERENT CASINO AFTER BEING BLOCKED WITHIN JUST A FEW MINUTES WITH SO CALLED SUPPORT HERO >:( …) I was actually shocked to see the professional outstanding and fun attitude that FortuneJack support rep Monica had after even just being silly ( me being silly not her lol) and asking her if I could just chat and saying completely off topic in terms of a casino chat which I did like asking what if I was your boss randomly which we both know I am not but Monica should pretend to be nervous so I don’t randomly pretend to fire her from chat… and being completely silly like this intentionally is something I like to put a rep through once that appears to be a great rep just to see how much they care about each member as opposed to the total chats she may or may not have had in terms to just one person. A normal rep in completely acceptable manor would have likely addressed the conversation with more of a direct is there a problem member is experiencing agent can assist to more tactfully avoid a time consuming out of boredom chat request. HOWEVER, Monica had a completely different professional way of handling my chat request which is rare and shows a strong support background with a very 1 on 1 concerned attitude in relation to Rep vrs a random normal chat user. Monica efficiently handled other requests as well as took a interest in what I was saying even when random chat and gave both to the point but still meaningful and sometimes fun chat showing very exceptional member interest based engagement. It is completely acceptable when a rep of a casino sticks to a more what a person might call “text book answers” to keep a good efficient workflow. Monica on the other hand has seemingly mastered a more friendly professionally personal style of efficient workflow. A quality that when displayed characterizes a rep as someone who generally cares about both their job/casino image and their own professional image/standard as well as genuinely caring about each request they come across. This type of chat can be dangerous for an inexperienced rep when considering time in chat vrs one client vrs problem management/workflow. Monica has this down to an art/science and in the hour or so conversation during the times where I was more randomly talking Monica when not addressing a more serious issue (proper/outstanding priority based workflow) would demonstrate a great availability when addressing my silliness however as experienced reps display that care about the memberbase her attention at times where i was silly would be prioritized to a more problem specific chat keeping a balanced workflow. So I did come prepared and in the long time we spoke I had both just random stuff as well as very specific site wide issues not realized. All I can say is Monica surprised me in her ability to keep the conversation prioritized as with the amount of text and silly stuff in between she really had to be paying attention to catch priority vrs a casual response being needed and could sit a moment while priority remained priority. Now this review was solely done out of my genuine interest in testing live chat. Why do I bother? Because to me it’s not necessary to reprove odds can scare the crud out of me sometimes so to speak but what is necessary is the ability to be able to feel safe in an online environment. How else better to do that then to speak with a rep like Monica at fortunejack who will make you feel more like a human than a wallet like some casino’s will seemingly do. There is a reason (Monica) that I will trust fortunejack to be my gambling home for a long time and why I encourage you to do the same. And actually leave a meaningful detailed review for once not just a simple click and a statement about your dog loving chase the cat when you hit a slots jackpot. End of review humor is always enjoyable. For those that actually made it this far :). Thank you for reading my personal opinion – sbrown24

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